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Brand Identity Design

Stop wasting your time with philosophy and vision!

At the early-stage of your company you need a bold memorable brand identity, but just enough of it to get you started. This identity must evolve, so you must keep it simple at first.

A good guideline will give you a Logo, basic colour palettes, Typography rules and some sample graphics and templates.

A great identity will give you a sense of culture and belonging.

Lucky for you, Clean Design Co does it all.

Get yourself a Minimum Viable Brand

Don't break bank on a full-scale identity. Get just enough to get started in a week and watch your brand evolve along with you.

The sooner you launch, the sooner you validate 🚀

3 Easy Steps to get a Brand Identity

Once you get started with us, we will go through 3 quick and easy steps in the process to design and develop the right website for you.



Usually takes 2-3 calls for us to get an in-depth understanding of your business. We also carry out our own internal research about your competitors and industry.


Design and Development

Design, Writing and Development happen in parallel and usually takes about 2 weeks. 



We create a unique document and conduct workshops with you on how to best utilise your brand to get maximum awareness.

Professional Branding doesn't need to cost a fortune 💍

Founders don't need complex philosophy on corporate culture and company values.
They need Logos in SVG and PNG, crystal-clear ‘about us’, fonts that render across devices, a creative color palette, a bank of photos, and icons and illustrations to start the conversation with customers and investors.
We know this because we've started companies too. So, we developed a simple and fast way to create Minimum Viable Brand Identities that help you take off in days not months.

  • Brand Identity

    Every month
    A simple starter identity kit

- We'll make the logo bigger -

No questions asked

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