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Clean Design 

We provide design as a subscription service for early-stage founders, startups and businesses around the world. Enjoy the perks of a unique subscription model that consistently produces fantastic outcomes.

Scale your Business 📈
with Design Subscriptions

As a founder, it's important to consider the costs associated with hiring designers, employing them can exceed $100,000 annually, including bonuses. Additionally, it's crucial to acknowledge that one designer alone cannot handle all design tasks effectively. So Founders end up hiring multiple designers and increasing their monthly burn rates.

Founders Deserve Magic!

We are platform agnostic

While we can use any tool you prefer, we recommend Web Design on Figma, Webflow, or Wix for speedy results. Talk to us about the platform or workflow you prefer and we're sure we can work something out.



Quick Start

Get a designer now! Simply sign up, raise design requests and get results within days, quit wasting your time evaluating designers and agencies.

Save Money

Hiring designers or agencies is expensive and tedious. Our fixed pricing model is designed to help you focus on innovation not burn.

Get Traffic

Transform your website's potential into high lead generation through our meticulous design process, enhanced by impeccable SEO and unwavering attention to detail.

Faster load-times

Get websites that are designed to load faster on any browser or device. This helps you rank better on Google and helps customers find you easily.

Build fast, fail fast, learn fast

Launch quickly, learn from your customer and iterate. We're happy to help you along your idea to PMF journey. Even if this means trying a bunch of different designs.

Iterate quickly

Requests get responses within the hour and delivery within 48 hours.


We like to be straightforward when it comes to design, aesthetic, and your business. We offer recommendations based on our experience with several brands, companies and industries.

Pause Anytime

We understand that the early stages of any business are difficult and every penny counts. So feel free to pause our services and start again at any given time. No hard feelings!

Customer Testimonials

Vivek Padmanabhan

Senior Partner, Cube Wealth

"We asked them to help us optimize our Webflow site. We still don't know exactly what they did but its given us a 30% increase in site performance and about 5% better conversion. Just magical!"


Rheea Mukherjee

Head of Brand, Nira Finance

"Clean Design Co's knowledge of various and diverse audiences is a key skill. Their super power is to offer creativity and business functionality at the right doses and to execute them fluidly and well within timelines."


Smriti George

Lead Communications, National Research & Development Corp.

"I approached them with an urgent design brief  that had to be completed overnight. It was a wonderful experience working with them, they were incredibly organized and efficient. It was 100x more than I hoped for given the incredibly short time window!"


Vinay Kalliat

Founder, Qonfidi Communications

"Don't expect a 'Yes Man'. Expect a team who will make you raise your game. Expect challenges to the way your think and operate. Expect excellence."

Upgrade to 

Webflow or Bubble Development

Companies that Upgraded to Webflow from wix or WordPress gained faster site load times, better SEO, and achieved more beautiful animations. Help us give you better aesthetics.


  • Why can I not just hire a in-house designer for myself?
    Clean Design offers an economical and high-quality alternative to hiring expensive in-house designers. Good in-house designers can be quite costly, with an annual price tag of approximately $100,000+ in the US and a monthly cost of around 60,000+ INR in India. As a founder, you may not need designer services on a daily basis, making it crucial to be mindful of every penny spent. With Clean Design, you have the flexibility to plan and pause subscriptions, ensuring that you only avail of the services when you truly require them. This approach not only saves you money but also guarantees superior quality, avoiding the trial and error associated with hiring in-house designers.
  • Can I just get an intern or someone cheaper to do my designs?
    “ If you pay peanuts you get monkeys “. Design plays a crucial role in engaging customers and conveying the value of your offerings. Therefore, emphasizing the significance of visualizing your products or services is essential. While interns can certainly contribute, their lack of experience may result in loss of your valuable time in training them, less efficiency and not-so-valuable outcomes. In contrast, an experienced designer brings a wealth of knowledge, saves your time and will focus on actionable elements that bring you a healthy ROI. Therefore, Investing in experienced designers is a strategic decision that can yield substantial returns. Designers possess a keen understanding of design principles, user psychology, and market trends, which they leverage to create designs that surpass industry standards. At Clean Design company, we take pride in our team of designers who possess an impressive 20 years of experience in the design field. Their extensive background includes working in diverse sectors such as healthcare, retail, eCommerce, government, and various other use cases. This breadth of experience equips our designers with a deep understanding of industry-specific requirements and best practices, allowing them to deliver exceptional results tailored to your unique needs.
  • I am signed up to the subscription service. How do I raise requests?
    You must receive an email after signing up with a link to a Trello Dashboard. Go to Trello and raise your request.
  • How long does it take to resolve a request?
    It takes within 2 days for simple requests however, if its a complex request then our designers will set a timeline with you beforehand. We strive to give you the fastest and quickest turn around times without compromising on quality.
  • Can I pause a subscription? How does it work?
    Yes, you can pause at any time. To pause a subscription, write a request for pausing on the Trello Dashboard. A team member from Clean Design will send you a confirmation message within 24 hours to effect the pause.
  • How many free video conference calls do I have per month?
    4 Video call requests are free every month. Unless the designer assigns calls to you. Beyond 4 calls, their time will be chargeable. Typically our customers utilize only 3 calls every month.
  • Does Clean design offer logo and UI / UX services?
    No. But this can be an attached offering for subscription clients
  • How does the website design process pan out?
    We will schedule a discovery session with you and capture your business needs, direction and aesthetic. We will then share drafts of web pages or figma files depending on the complexity of your site. We usually build sites from scratch, but every once in a while a template is just the perfect fit. We will recommend solutions that help you get to launch as quickly as possible.
  • Does the service include copy writing?
    We are proficient in English and can speak marketing pretty well. We provide a basic copywriting service as part of the website design process. We will use the information provided by you to write your website’s content and as such we are limited by it. We are not a research organization and will not be able to deliver results beyond the information you provide. If you would like expert copywriting services, please raise a request and someone from our team will get in touch with you.
  • How many pages do I get?
    We believe the era of pages are over. Your website can have as many pages as you want and you will end up generating more when you start a blog or newsletter. We will design as many pages as you’d like but we are also going to offer user experience advice. With a design subscription service, you can request for as many web pages as you like.
  • How quickly can you deploy a website?
    Usually a 5 page website takes about 2-4 weeks to launch. We recommend a launch and update model wherein we build a basic version of the website with core functions and then update the website on a regular basis with the other pages. This helps founders hit the market early and start getting customer feedback. We’ve noticed a much better outcome when founders launch earlier than wait for that perfect website.
  • How to raise requests on Trello?
    You can use one of the template cards on your dashboard or create a custom card. Each card is a request and we will only handle one request at a time. Simply, add a title and give a detailed brief in the description section. Please include all necessary information in the description box itself. You may also add any images, logos, photos and references.
  • Why do I need you after the website is built?
    You might be thinking that building a website is a one-off activity, but you’re wrong. You need to think of your website as an online headquarters for your brand/business. All your marketing exercises should culminate into audiences visiting your website and becoming loyal customers. We understand that in the early stages of business, this website is most likely going to need to change several times, just like your idea and solution. At Clean Design Company, we’re here for that journey. We not only understand the struggles that come with early stage startups and honestly, we enjoy it. So if you need a design partner that will throw away 3 weeks’ work and deliver a brand new landing page in 3 days because “things have changed”, then we’re the right people for you.
  • What is Clean Design?
    Clean Design is a philosophy of design where form is dictated by function- a teapot looks like that, because all of its elements serve specific purposes. Clean Design Company is built on the philosophy that websites should be useful and their utility determines how they look and function.

Ready to get started? 

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Setup a call with us at Clean Design Company to learn more and get started.


Understanding design is critical for both designers and founders so we can speak the same language. Here are a bunch of tools, lessons and tips on how to get the most efficient designs out of us. We make you better at

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