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Clean Pitch

The right pitch can be life changing. A good pitch is made of good data, research and a narrative that captivates and enthrals audiences. We at Clean Design make winning presentations whether it's for funding or for internal communications, we convert.

What do you get?

Deep research on your domain and intent

Crafting a simple narratives that works in an elevator, a board room or at a townhall event

Beautifully designed presentation

1-to-1 coaching on how to present

Simple Design Service

You give us a presentation, we design it.
Get a quote based on your presentation.
How do we go from Idea to pitch?



Full Stack

Editable Presentation


Our Work

Why Work With Us?

Domain Research

We delve deep into your industry to understand market trends and competitors, ensuring your pitch resonates with your audience.

Collect Raw Data

We gather relevant data and insights to build a solid foundation for your presentation.

Develop A Narrative

Crafting a compelling story is key. We structure your content to engage and persuade your audience effectively.


Accuracy is paramount. We meticulously fact-check every detail to instill confidence and credibility.

Design Presentation

Our expert designers transform your content into visually stunning and impactful slides that captivate your audience.

Internal Rehearsals

Practice makes perfect. We conduct rigorous internal rehearsals to fine-tune delivery and ensure seamless execution.

Client Pitch

Armed with a polished presentation, we help you deliver a persuasive pitch that leaves a lasting impression on potential investors or clients.

Client Coaching

We offer personalized coaching and guidance to help you master your presentation skills and build confidence.

Ready to get started? 📞

Setup a call with us at Clean Design Company to learn more and get started.

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