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A Clean Website Design Company here to help you achieve business goals.

We provide website content, design and development services for early-stage founders, startups and businesses around the world. Enjoy the perks of a unique subscription model that consistently produces fantastic outcomes.

Our secret code is no code 😉

An awesome website is about elevating your online presence and creating business success,

who cares if the back-end is Hamster-Powered.

Clean Design Company keeps the complexity low and the creativity high when designing websites that people love. And here’s what we use to achieve that.


*Some of our customers, especially tech founders, are particular about certain implementations.
We're happy to align with those and provide design without development services. We are adept at working with the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, Wix, WordPress,
Webflow, Shopify, Figma and Bubble.

3 Easy Steps to Build a Website ✅

Once you get started with us, the perfect website for your business is only three quick and easy steps away. 



We will gain an in-depth understanding of your business through discussion and our research of the industry and competitors
Timeline: 2-3 phone calls


Design and Development

Our team will then get cracking on quality content, design and development

Timeline: 2-3 weeks



The final stretch requires prompt decision-making on your part and includes finalising the design and content for the launch of your website
Timeline: ASAP

What customers say about Clean Design Co.

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We’re here for the journey 🚀
(not just the launch)

Our services include both the design and maintenance of your website.


Conceptualisation and creation of new websites or features with constant updates in preparation for a launch/release.


Manual and automated maintenance and upkeep of the website to optimise performance and achieve business objectives

More than just Clean Website Design

We provide a host of design services

Get world-class writing, branding and strategy with all our high quality design services


Brand and Identity Creation

Great brands have just one thing in common — they stand out in a crowd. We're not just good at creating standout brand identities, we're good at evolving them with the business (and we're fast!).


Product Design

With experience in developing SaaS and IoT products, we're here to help you design amazing products and packaging.


UI / UX Design

The most important part of creating User Experiences and User Interfaces is actually the User. We're well-versed in designing, collecting feedback and updating UI/UX (as we should be!).

Professional Branding doesn't need to cost a fortune 💍

Founders don't need complex philosophy on corporate culture and company values.
They need Logos in SVG and PNG, crystal-clear ‘about us’, fonts that render across devices, a creative color palette, a bank of photos, and icons and illustrations to start the conversation with customers and investors.
We know this because we've started companies too. So, we developed a simple and fast way to create Minimum Viable Brand Identities that help you take off in days not months.